Seven Magazine

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Seven Magazine

Seven series of works from established and emerging artists that document a moment in time, taking form as a photo book.
Each story is subtly bound together through the idea of “reflections”.

Performance artist and choreographer Trajal Harrell discusses his exploration of Butoh and his six degrees of separation with Rei Kawakubo in a piece written by Dan Thawley. This series takes us to Athens where Benedict Brink documents Trajal performing "The Return of La Argentina” in The Breeder Gallery wearing costumes by Comme des Garçons.

Furniture & interior designer Jermaine Gallacher and photographer Andrew Vowles explore the relationship between the human body and the furniture that we interact with.

A selection of images from the artist Lotte Reimann’s body of work “Reflections - an unfinished collection 2014-2018” make up a series where Lotte searches for an “entrance into the world of reflectoporn”.

152 pages