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Griegst Big Fan Ring

Regular price £3,215
Griegst is the family name of artist Arje & Irene Griegst.
Established as a fine jewellery brand, founded in Copenhagen in 1963 by the Danish goldsmith and artist Arje Griegst.
Arje Griegst is an international household name in Danish Design.
His jewellery is sought after by collectors all over the world, and among his prominent customers is the Danish Queen H.M.
Margrethe II.
Part of the Spiral Series, this ring is crafted by hand in Copenhagen from 18kt yellow gold.
The stype embodies the pioneering vision of Griegst's customised 'cire perdue' technique.
Using his own wax mixture and cast technique, Griegst traces ribbed lines and spirals in the gold creating a sense of energy.
18K yellow gold
Size 52