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Sevan Bicakci Black Dove Ring Yellow Gold

Regular price £27,800

The collection of one-of-a-kind pieces is rooted in craftsmanship and created by a collaboration of calligraphers, engravers, painters, sculptors, micro-mosaic masters and gem setters. Every piece is completely unique. 

Ring made of gold, silver, diamonds, turquoise-malachite mosaics, and white amethyst, with a reversely engraved intaglio of two doves.

Sevan’s signature reverse intaglio technique is used here to depict two doves. The ring's body is further embellished with black diamonds and mosaics.

24K Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, 2.6Ct Diamonds
Made in Turkey

Please do not hesitate to contact the DSM Jewellery team if you would like further information or to see images of how this item is worn or discuss having the ring re-sized to fit.