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Ana Khouri Diamond Ring

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Ana Khouri Diamond Ring

Diamond Foundry is the world's leading producer of lab grown diamonds. They create real diamonds aboveground in their foundries with proprietary solar technology. Utilizing renewable energy, they are the world’s first certified carbon neutral diamond producer. In an exclusive colaboration with DSM, six designers were invited to create a piece of jewellery using Diamond Foundry diamonds.

This couture ring by New-York based jeweller Ana Khouri features a 2.55 ct emerald-cut diamond. The ring is a one-off piece using man-made diamonds and set in Fairtrade 18kt white gold.All the diamonds used in this piece are from Diamond Foundry and are man-made.

If you do not see your size or the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact the DSM Jewellery team who will be able to assist with a special order.

All Diamonds Man-Made: Emerald Cut Diamond 2.55Cts, Colour K, Si1, Diamond Pave, 18Kt White Gold

Size 52 :