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Raphaele Canot Delphine Rose Necklace (Rose Gold)

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Raphaele Canot Delphine Rose Necklace (Rose Gold)

Diamond Foundry is the world's leading producer of lab grown diamonds. They create real diamonds aboveground in their foundries with proprietary solar technology. Utilizing renewable energy, they are the world’s first certified carbon neutral diamond producer.

London-based French designer Raphaele Canot designed this necklace to be able to create many layers. The super long chain allows the wearer to wrap it around the neck multiple times, or criss-cross over the body as a kind of body chain. The diamond setting as a decorative cut out at the back so that the necklace can be worn both ways.

This necklace features an exclusive cut of diamond by Diamond Foundry; the ‘Delphine’.

All the diamonds used in this piece are from Diamond Foundry and are man-made.

Delphine Cut Man-Made Diamond 0.96Cts, 18K Rose Gold

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