Diamond Foundry

Sophie Bille Brahe Petite Elipse Royale (White Gold)

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Sophie Bille Brahe Petite Elipse Royale (White Gold)

Diamond Foundry is the world's leading producer of lab grown diamonds. They create real diamonds aboveground in their foundries with proprietary solar technology. Utilizing renewable energy, they are the world’s first certified carbon neutral diamond producer.

Inspired by her best-selling Elipse earring, this elegant piece is a contemporary way to wear diamonds. Designed for the right ear, the round diamond (0.10 cts) sits above the lobe, and the marquise (0.33cts) diamond hangs at the bottom. The earring is easy to take on and off with a screw pull mechanism.

All the diamonds used in this piece are from Diamond Foundry and are man-made.

18K White Gold, All Diamonds Man-Made: 0.33Ct Marquise Diamond 0.10 Brilliant Round Diamond

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