Alice Cicolini Chocolate Diamond Sugarloaf Ring

The sacred architecture and patterns of the Silk Route are the inspiration for Alice Cicolini's jewellery. Many pieces continue to be handmade in India in the studio of one of the last Jaipuri meenakari trained in the enamel traditions of Persia, passed down through family generations over 200 years.

The Landscape collection is inspired by the Hindi name for vitreous enamel craftsmanship - meenakari. Meenakari also means the secret, a reference to the
fact that the enamel is almost always hidden on the reverse of a jewel. Landscape brings the enamel and the craftsmanship to the forefront, swapping its status with the natural stone that so often takes centre stage.

The enamel miniatures are details drawn from the landscapes of Japanese miniature painting, of bamboo forests, arcs of cherry blossom and magnolia, and clusters of chrysanthemum. The name also refers to the choice of many of the stones, themselves landscapes created by nature, with inclusions creating sweeps of colour and layers in the material that make each jewel completely unique. Landscape pieces can be made to order if sizing is not available. Stones will vary.

If you do not see your size or the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact the DSM Jewellery team who will be able to assist with a special order.