Harry Fane 1919/1920 Cartier Platinum and Diamond ‘Tortue’

Harry Fane presents a collection of over 20 vintage Cartier wrist watches, with a focus on the rare diamond versions.

“These are very, very special, examples of what women were wearing at that time Cartier made things of great beauty to be treasured to become heirlooms. It is always interesting to me, when you pick up a watch made by Cartier which is now over 100 years old, and you just wonder what its life has been. The fact that it still exists today means that it has been treasured. They are both timeless, and have survived during this long century which saw so many upheavals between wars and revolution. “

The Cartier wristwatch story began around 1907. Whilst the earliest wristwatch model was the ‘Tonneau’ (Barrel) which had gently curving sides to the case, the next model was the ‘Tortue” (Turtle) which also has curved sides. These two models were consistently produced by Cartier throughout the 20th Century but both were somewhat superseded by the introduction of the Tank in 1919. Regardless, there are few Cartier watches which are as pretty and elegant as this diamond set “Tortue”. Note, the four round rose-cut diamonds set between the case and the strap.

19.7 mm width, 20 mm length / 29.3mm inc. lugs, 6.2 mm depth.

Platinum and diamonds.

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