Sky High Farm Strawberry & Moon Embroidered Shirt (Off-White)

Sky High Farm's breezy long sleeve button down contains a whole world of its own: tucked into the front pocket is an embroidered piece of golden wheat, and the back is home to a cluster of strawberries afloat on their own island. A butterfly, whose landed on the shoulder, trails the words 'Sky High Farm' across the back of the shirt like an airplane declaring someone's love to a bystander on the beach.

The blend of silk and viscose is soft and fluid, the kind of weight that lets in a little air and a little light.

The embroideries come directly from the hand of Marc Armitano Domingo, who initially rendered them in watercolour and is responsible for all of the critters, landscapes and letters found on our silky embroidered pieces in the SS22 collection.

70% Silk, 30% Viscose