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Time to wake up. It is a new decade, a new perspective! Face forward and arouse the senses with purity, focus and vigor!

Enter into a new era, clean, energized and stimulated. Let’s exhilarate, advance and achieve!

As nature prepares for the awaking of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, we simultaneously, as part of nature, look for essentials to compliment us in this act of vivication. Just as much as we rearrange our wardrobe to suit the change of seasons, organize our home and sever things obsolete, we also reinforce methods that benefit our prosperity inside out.

You are evergreen. You are transparent. You are mint. Since antiquity the herb has been used for its distinctly purifying and invigorating properties. In Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, clothing, floors and furniture were cleaned with mint leaves. The plant was brought to a boil to vivify the stage, or often worn as Coronae Veneris, a wreath for lucky charms and favorable energy. In Islamic tradition, the shrub was considered a pledge of love, while in Japan it was used as an aphrodisiac. Mint is versatile, unrestricted, it is tangible like the solid spicy lush greens of the plant and it is abstract, malleable like the components it is made of, like cool crystalline spring water from a pristine source. Mint is for the Inside. Mint is for the Outside. Mint is extensive, it is all-encompassing. It reiterates ideas of abundance, vividness, pureness and authenticity. It is said to invite wealth, and with its medicinal aspects sustain physical strength and memory. It recharges energy in adversity.

The power of the plant exercises the good influence for our body, soul and spirit. Be ready for everything this new decade may present. Be mint.

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