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TON Magazine Issue 1

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TON is a love letter to the new and diverse voices in interiors; to the underground and undiscovered talent; to the spicy, the spiky, the spunky, and the punky.

The publication will be inclusive – not elitist. It will feature practical advice and useful guides, along with exclusive imagery and inspiring interviews. Prepare to be exposed to a different world of interiors…

Jermaine Gallacher, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief says: “We are living in a new golden age of interiors. Today, our homes are more important to us than ever; they are not just places we withdraw to but spaces we express our identities and creativity. I wanted to create TON to reflect and celebrate this.”

Its pages will be devoted to the infinite possibilities of creative expression in interiors. To the disruptors of design: the new and diverse voices, the underground and undiscovered talent; the radical makers and tastemakers; the outsiders; people with a point of view, who are doing it their own way including Celeste, Andu Masebo, Barnaby Lewis, Dave Baby, Miranda Keyes, Madeline Thornalley, Edward Meadham and Rag Arts.

Limited edition run of 1,000