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Phaidon i-D WINK AND SMILE: The First Forty Years

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i-D WINK AND SMILE: The First Forty Years a guide through the history of i-D magazine, from hand stapled punk zine to the best fashion magazine in the world, telling the story through the magazine pages that defined and are still defining, style.

i-D WINK AND SMILE reproduces many of those pages as they first appeared in print, from those iconic first series of Straight Ups of Kings Road punks right up the magazine right now, telling the story not only of changing style and attitude but also the visual world and magazine publishing and the wider culture too, which each chapter of the book focusing on a different decade of i-D's history, up until the 40th anniversary in 2020.

Edited by Alastair McKimm
Cover Collage by Terry Jones
Book Design by Studio 191 NY
Published by Rizzoli

32cm x 25cm